The mastery of physics is the key to success in switchgear development. Through the consistent application of simulations during conception and design, we are able to meet the physical requirements of the product in an early stage of the development.

Our service spectrum includes the following areas of design simulation:

  • Structural: static, dynamic, kinematic (FEM)
  • Thermal (heat conduction, radiation, convection)
  • Modal analysis (mechanical, magnetic resonances)
  • Electric fields
  • Flow and pressure simulation of fluids
  • Multi-physically coupled problems, motion simulation (mass inertia, velocity, acceleration)

A simulation by KTE consists of one or more modules:

  • Definition of the boundary conditions, load analysis and load abstraction
  • Selection of the appropriate method
  • Simulation, for example using the finite element method (FEM)
  • Analysis and presentation of the results
  • Optimization of components and assemblies
  • Subsequent customized design
  • In-depth consultation

We carry out calculations and simulations as part of the services of B&E Switchgear Development GmbH in the area of personal safety and arc resistance of low and medium voltage transformer stations and switchgears:

  • Internal arc pressure calculation (pressure network, CFD)
  • Arc calculation of heat radiation (IEEE 1584)
  • Analysis and verification of mechanical strength (explosion safety, tensile strength) and thermal stress (burnout, melting, structural change) of components, plants, stations, facilities and buildings
  • Optimization of the arc fault protection in preparation of type tests according to IEC 62271-200 and 202