We specifically investigate new requirements of high-current and high-voltage components for different physical stresses.
This results in bachelors, masters and doctoral theses. With contract research, the research findings are directly used by our customers. The studies and results remain strictly confidential.


  • Technically and commercially relevant formulation of research objectives
  • Selection and guidance to the right partner for scientific and practical work
  • Own design and prototyping
  • Focus on the essentials
  • Fast transfer into production
  • Cost effective
  • Confidential

We conduct our own thermal, dielectric and mechanical investigations, partly in our own workshop. The evaluation is carried out scientifically in the form of charts, technical videos, photos and reports.


KTE has research partnerships with universities and institutes of technology in Chemnitz, Cottbus, Dresden, Ilmenau, Kaiserslautern, Kassel, Leipzig and Zittau.

We examine complex test objects in accredited, independent institutes, for example, at CESI in Mannheim und Berlin.