The success of our customers is our goal!

Konstruktion T. Eisenschmidt is an independent engineering company. I founded “KTE” in Farnstädt in 1997. Since then our task has been to find solutions to multi-physics problems in working constructions.

Our core business is the development, design, calculation, prototyping and testing of complete high-voltage switchgear systems and switching devices. In addition, we provide you with the technical knowledge you need to manufacture the components. In 2010, we added simulation and special designs to our services.

Each of KTE’s developments is unique and contains new ideas that you can use. Our experience is based on development projects that we have carried out and successfully completed in recent years around the world.

We are not just developers and engineers, but, above all, partners, consultants and problem solvers. Open and honest communication and the principles of the engineering profession determine our activities. You will receive competent and reliable advice from our specialist engineers at our offices in Farnstädt, Leipzig and Dresden.

I stand by the high quality and punctuality of my staff’s work.

Torsten Eisenschmidt

Farnstädt, 28 February 2015


Until 1996, I worked at HOLEC Schaltgeräte Bad Muskau, later NOELL, entrusted, as a design engineer, with the development of components and operators for circuit breakers, drawer units and bushings. I also provided technical assistance to the sales department on acquisition trips in Germany, Norway and Poland.
During this time, a very experienced designer from the former company OBSAD Dresden, Mr. Hubert Horna, and the test facility head Mr. Dieter Milk, taught me about the important issues when dealing with technology and with "non-technical" problems.

From 1997 to 1999, my team and I designed special solutions for complete air-insulated switchgears up to 36kV and circuit breakers trolleys. These solutions included, for example, various furnace switchgears for SIEMENS customers in Finland and the UK, and a railway switchgear for ALSTOM Power Conversion. In 1999, we began working on the development of the gas-insulated PTG01 for the former company Peters GmbH & Thieding in Wentorf. KTE’s task was to design the built-in switching devices and drives. The system was successfully presented at the Hanover Fair in 2001 after a very short development time. It was first used in the grid connection of VESTAS wind turbines.

Breaker trolleys, bushings and contact systems for air-insulated switchgears have been developed for various applications and parameters for German customers, including G+M Grünstadt, SGM Bad Muskau and others. This period was characterized by strong economic difficulties for switchgear manufacturers due to the liberalization of the energy market and the lack of investment by utility companies. A typical German phenomenon: out-of-touch policies destroying economic continuity. I therefore decided to look for customers outside Germany.

A global focus began in 2002 with the development of cast-in vacuum switch poles for the company RZVA in Rivne, Ukraine.
This was followed in 2003 by numerous development projects for circuit breakers and gas-insulated and SF6-free switchgears for DECOM GmbH, for Shanghai CGIS/ TIANLING, Shenyang HUALI, Suzhou LONGER Electric and other companies in Asia. All of the design and dimensioning was done by KTE. We also supervised the onsite prototyping and the necessary development tests and type tests. These projects were carried out in cooperation with Mr. Günter Leonhardt, who, as a business partner and mentor, played an important role in our orientation towards the Asian market.

In Germany, KTE developed a new air insulated contactor panel in 2007 together with Siemens Berlin and Siemens Frankfurt. A little later we developed a family of cost-effective, modular air insulated compact switchgear systems together with the company HORLEMANN in Uedem. This switchgear has a high arc flash resistance and was well accepted by the market.

Since 2007, we have been simulating the critical physical processes in switchgears and switching devices, and performing our own scientific comparative studies.

2011 Research work on nitrogen at the Technical University Dresden

2012 Opening of the KTE office in Leipzig

2012 LONGER Electric (China) exhibits the N2- insulated NIS, which was developed by KTE, at the Hanover Fair.

2013 Opening of the KTE office in Dresden

2014 Organization and lectures with B&E at the conference Quo Vadis? High Voltage Engineering

2014 Fundamental investigations of high-current contacts with contact spring elements, testing of new production technologies for the production of inexpensive gas-tight switchgear housings

2015 Start of our research into the evaluation and simulation of high-current AC and DC arcs in liquid insulating materials.