We carry out technical tests as part of a development project or as an independent service. With the aim of achieving a positive test result for you in a short time, we also support and monitor tests at accredited institutions worldwide and offer the following services:

  • Prognoses, opinions and expertise on the scheduled tests
  • Organization, transport and logistics of the test objects, also internationally
  • Technical support of the test object during testing
  • Documentation of the test procedure
  • Structural modifications and adjustments of the test object (assembly, welding, milling, turning, drilling, casting, 3D spare parts) at short notice
  • Capture of additional measurement parameters (pressure, velocity, temperature, etc.)

Special tests for switching devices and switchgears:

  • Dielectric tests of the power frequency withstand voltage, switching surge voltage and lightning impulse withstand voltage
  • Temperature rise test and resistance measurement of the main circuit according to IEC62271 – 1
  • Helium integral testing as leak tests of gas tanks (GIS, GIL)
  • Compressive strength tests
  • Electrical partial discharge measurements on components in the laboratory and on-site
  • Mechanical lifetime of electrical, magnetic, hydraulic and spring storage drives
  • Single and multi-phase short-circuit tests
  • Internal arc tests
  • Earthquake tests

We support the following type tests:

  • Circuit breaker according to IEC 62271- 100
  • Earthing switches and disconnectors according to IEC62271-102
  • Load-break switch and circuit interrupter
  • Factory-built compact stations according to IEC62271- 202
  • Switchgear panels according to IEC 62271-200,-203

Further tests in accordance with DLT, GB, GOST, IEEE, GL, ANSI are also available upon request.